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ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. Launches "Cardless Withdrawal Money via ATM"

February 7, 2020

On February 7, 2020, ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. (ABL), the bank you can trust the bank for people and vision to be the leading SME bank in the Lao PDR, launches the new service named "Cardless Withdrawal Money via ATM" that allows all customers of ABL to be able withdrawing money through ATM without using ATM's card.

As technology trends are fast and unstoppable, Laotian and more people in the world upgrade their lives styles by using smart phone, electronic devices and advance digital banking service such as Mobile App. ACLEDA ThanChai. In addition to the App and to grow together with our loyal customers, the Cardless is convenient, quick and advanced with secured and meets the international standard which fulfil the demand of customers and the public to use the ABL's digital service.

ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd., is the first Bank in the Lao PDR who provides the Cardless withdrawal money through ATM using OTP code.

"Cardless Withdrawal Money via ATM" is a feature of ACLEDA ThanChai which customers can withdraw their money via ATM without ATM card. They can withdraw money from ThanChai account, T24 account and also withdraw the money transferring from unregister phone as well.

Currently, over 40,000 customers have used ACLEDA ThanChai after it launched from mid-2018. The customers can use ACLEDA ThanChai for QR payment, Money transfer, Bill payment (Nampapa, LTC, ...), Phone top-up (LTC, ETL, ...), Check account balance, exchange rate, and related information and available soon the coming services' facility including internet bill payment, more mobile top-up and other bill payments.

Regionally, ACLEDA Group has ACLEDA Bank Plc., as parent company, and four subsidiaries operating in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar and serving remittance services worldwide.

The Group has total assets over USD 6 Billion and operates in 313 branches-offices, 683 ATMs and serving millions' customers using the commercial bank's products and services.

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