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Currently, ACLEDA Bank Lao provides the deposit service as follow:


Deposit services can be accessed by everybody who is legal and at least 18 years old (businessmen or businesswomen, housewives, students, employees, workers, ministers, etc.) or legal corporations (companies, organization, development project, departments, government ministries, etc.)

Foreigners and foreign companies who are entities and legal people living and working under the Laos law can open account for individual or corporate customers as well.

Note: Please visit our Savings or Deposit Calculators if you wish to know the initial amount required or maturity amount will be, and how much interest you can earn at maturity date etc.


#372, Corner of Dongpalane and Dongpina Road,
Unit 21, Phonesavanh Neua Village, Sisattanak District,
Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. P.O. Box: 1555

Tel: +85­6 (0)21 264 994 / 264 998
Fax: +85­6 (0)21 264 995 / 219 228

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