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Education Savings Account

ACLEDA Bank introduced a new deposit service called Education Savings Account that ACLEDA Bank is responsible for maintaining, administering, and arranging the personal or legal entity's cash for education payments: school fee and/or study material fee of the account holder, family members, relatives, his/her employees, or third parties.

The account holder or other third parties can deposit their funds to the account in order to pay for beneficiary's education expenses based on the actual amount on invoices and conditions in the terms and conditions of ACLEDA Bank's Education Savings Account.


  • High secure way in maintaining, administering, and arranging funds for education expenses of yourself, of your family members, of your relatives, or third parties;
  • Receiving additional income from interest;
  • Be confident of sufficient budget and initiate a plan for education expenses to be an advantage for yourself, family members, relatives, or third parties.

Special Features

  • The account is used with savings passbook or Customer Account Information card;
  • Interest rate is higher than Savings Account;
  • The interest is daily accrued and semi-yearly capitalized;
  • Account can be closed upon an agreement of all relevant parties;
  • The deposit is allowed for any relevant party such as account holder, family, relatives, company or institution;
  • Withdrawal can be made to the purposes and conditions of the account, and you have to pay for making withdrawal different from the purpose of the account.

Account Balance

Education Savings Account requires an initial deposit of LAK200,000. Every time you make withdrawals from the account, you must ensure a minimum balance of LAK100,000.

Interest Rate

The interest rate for Education Savings Account is 3.80% per annum. The interest is daily accrued and semi-yearly capitalized.

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