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Individual Retirement Account

To make a contribution to the economic development in Laos and reduce risks related to funds own keeping, ACLEDA Bank Lao developed a deposit service, Individual Retirement Account, that the bank is responsible for maintaining, administering, and arranging the funds deposited into the account by the account holder or third party for the expenses after his/her retirement.


  • High secure for maintaining, administering, and arranging funds for personal advantage after retirement.
  • Interest rate is higher than Saving Account's.
  • Well prepared for a better standard of living after retirement.
  • Opportunity to use other bank's products and services.

Special Feature

  • The account is used with savings passbook or Customer Account Information card.
  • Interest rate is higher than Savings Account's. The interest rate is daily accrued and yearly capitalized.
  • Amount of deposit is based upon the agreement between the customer and ACLEDA Bank Lao.
  • Being eligible to make withdrawal on demand after reaching retirement age, which is related to labor law of Lao PDR.
  • Being able to make withdrawal before retirement age with service charge applied.


ACLEDA Bank Lao offers an Individual Retirement Account in Lao Kip.

Account Balance

Individual Retirement Account is required to have an initial deposit and minimum balance of LAK200,000.

Interest Rate

The interest rate of Individual Retirement Account is 5.70% per annum.

contact_supportPlease contact our officer at ACLEDA Bank Lao's branch for details.

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